IT systems and infrastructure are a big part of most businesses these days. The problem lies when there is not enough workload to warrant having a dedicated IT specialist in house full-time, but relying on one person with a good technical grasp who may be carrying the torch for many other roles; who will become overstretched or lacking in certain skills to be able to deal with certain issues efficiently, or not have the experience of multiple systems and industries to move technology on as the company grows, is not advantageous for the business.

The ability to outsource is proving ever more popular for businesses in a drive to keep a low head count and costs down. IT is one area where outsourcing becomes extremely efficient.


We offer support contracts in two basic forms, but often negotiate and tailor one, or more of these to match a particular client’s needs, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

* Tokens Based (contract)

* Pay as you go (no contract)

Tokens Based

Our adaptable tokens based support contract offers the convenience of purchasing tokens to guard against any eventuality that you may experience such as technical support, on-site consultancy and training.

By taking advantage of our token based system you can be sure that you receive cost effective and simple to manage support tailored specifically for your requirements.

Our typial contract is 12 Support Tokens - 2500

A token equates to a single support case, which can be logged through our dedicated helpdesk number or email address.  Each call entitles you to:

* Unlimited telephone support per case

* Unlimited research time per case

* On site visits in exchange for tokens

Additional tokens can be purchased at the following cost:

150 per token, minimum purchase 5 tokens

Pay as you go (no contract)

This scheme is favoured by Companies who rely little upon IT, or whose IT resources change little from year to year, and neither want or need a support contract. This is a reactive scheme where we only do the work you ask for.

The service response is provided on a best efforts basis. Travel time and all expenses are chargeable in addition to the hourly rate below.

35 per Hour

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