Freeview uses your existing TV and a Digital set-top box (built-in on newer digital TV's) to provide over 30 free digital TV and radio channels plus a whole new world of interactive services, including enhanced coverage for events such as Wimbledon, Open Golf etc.

Digital text services provide hundreds of pages of news, sport, weather and other information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You also get local ITV and BBC programmes and other services for Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland depending on where you live.

Most UK homes are in a freeview / digital tv coverage area. If you're in a coverage area you should be able to get freeview / digital tv with your existing rooftop or loft aerial providing it is in good condition. However , you may still experience poor quality digital reception and therefore need to get your aerial installation checked.

We can supply and install all types of freeview / digital tv aerials depending on your area and position.

If you are in an area where freeview quality is poor then we can install the alternative “freesat” which is freeview via a satellite dish.

Freeview Channels
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